“Eternal Summer” by The Strokes

In this song, it is inferred that “summer” is some type of unfavorable event. What exactly The Strokes are alluding to in that regard is not embellished upon. However, it has been put forth that they are singing about the potentially-irreversible effects of climate change. Indeed with the utilization of choice language such as allusions to “the eleventh hour”, we can see that the “summer” being spoken about is a harrowing event indeed.

And further along this storyline, Julian Casablancas refers to a mysterious “they”. In fact it sounds a bit as if the band is venturing into conspiracy-theory territory. And what he is saying is that these unspecified individuals “got the remedy” to the aforementioned “eternal summer”. But apparently they won’t utilize it, instead letting doomsday – or whatever unfavorable event – occur. And basically the way this song portrays the entire scenario is as one that is grounded in inevitability, as in there being no “bright side” to the situation. So if The Strokes are talking about climate change, obviously they perceive this issue as one that can be rectified with adequate effort. However, they are still not optimistic that such a turn for the better will actually occur.

Lyrics of "Eternal Summer"

Quick Facts about “Eternal Summer”

The individual members of The Strokes wrote this song alongside sibling musicians Tim and Richard Butler.

The producer of “Eternal Summer” is long-standing music legend Rick Rubin.

This track came out, via RCA Records and Cult Records, on 10 April 2020. It is part of The Strokes’ album entitled “The New Abnormal”.

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  1. Dr. X-ray says:

    I agree it’s about climate change. However, I don’t see it as a conspiracy theory take. I think they’re just suggesting that those resisting a hard push towards renewable energy (insert “big oil,” conservative politicians “on the take,” or whatever other entities they believe to be the villains in this scenario…) are stubbornly ignoring what Casablancas considers to be unquestionably established “reality” in an effort to maintain the lucrative status quo.

  2. mmmpop says:

    I give this paper an A-.

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