“Nothin’ with You” by Jacob Sartorius

On “Nothin’ with You”, Jacob Sartorius is embracing the simplicity of his relationship with his sweetheart. The setting is a Friday night. And he understands that he can scoop her up and take her to one of “a million places” or “a thousand parties” that are currently jumping. But instead, he’d rather be alone with her, just chillin’ and enjoying her company. Or as he puts it, he is totally content doing ‘nothing with her’.

Jacob wrote “Nothin’ with You” with three other writers, including singer Anjulie. In andition to being a co-writer on this track, Anjulie also sings the background vocals of the track.

“Nothin’ with You” was formally released on 6th October, 2017. It is the fifth track on Jacob’s “Left Me Hangin'” project of 2017.

This project, which was the second EP of Jacob’s career, received the support of three singles, including “Hit Me Back” (which featured Blackbear). “Chapstick” and “Skateboard” are the two other singles of the EP.

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