“No Music” by Jacob Sartorius

The metaphor at the center of “No Music’ is that the addressee – that being the girl who has caught the singer’s eye – has a profound effect on him. Or the way he puts it, she can do things like make the room shake or his ‘heart dance’ even though there is “no music” actually playing. Perhaps a more-scientific yet still symbolic way of explaining this phenomenon is that her presence along causes his adrenaline to rise, with the release of a bit of dopamine in the process. 

Moreover, he is putting forth that he thinks about her constantly. And in the second verse he lets it be known that she is the type who has mood swings, sometimes being hard to read. But despite such, he is fully “sold” on her. 

So at the end of the day this is in fact a euphoric love song, mixed with a little bit of sassiness in regards to the addressee.

Facts about “No Music”

Jacob didn’t play any role in penning “No Music”. It was actually solely written by a singer named Anjulie.

The formal release date of the track was 15th September, 2017. It came out together with Sartorius’ “Left Me Hangin'” project.

It wasn’t one of the singles from the project mentioned above as that project produced only the following singles:

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