“Nunya” by August Alsina

“Nunya” is a cover of a song by the same name released earlier in 2019 by R&B songstress Kehlani. The track is centered on the singer basically telling an ex-lover to stay out of his affairs and move on with her life. In other words, he is telling homegirl to stop sweating him.

While Kehlani’s take was successful in its own right, August Alsina’s version caused more of a stir because many people felt it is targeted at Jada Pinkett-Smith, as in the famous actress and wife of Hollywood leading man Will Smith. She and Alsina were already known to be buddies, as in Jada and her family being established supporters of August. And in addition to Alsina referring to the woman he is singing to as “an actress”, it is really the music video to the track that drops references to a possibly past intimate relationship between the pair.

As for the lyrics themselves, we have August trying to fend off a woman who is uncomfortably inquisitive about his intimate life. The reason the relationship between Alsina and this lady initially dissolved is because while he  was ready to commit, apparently she wasn’t. Moreover he implies that she was not “being real”.  Then, as aforementioned, he demeaningly refers to her as “just an actress” who for instance fronted like she and August were still together even though he had already more or less dumped her.

Lyrics of "Nunya"

As such, he is telling her that it is “nunya”, a contraction of ‘none of your’, business what’s going on in his life. Or succinctly put, he is essentially stating that she gave up a good thing; he is now romantically involved with someone else, and she should leave him alone.

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