“Beautiful Lies” by Yung Bleu & Kehlani

The title/chorus of this song (“Beautiful Lies”) is based on the notion of the vocalist(s) preferring to be deceived by his lover as opposed to having his heart broken by her. In other words, he would rather her tell him “beautiful lies” rather than the hard truth, i.e. things she may be doing that he would strongly disapprove of.

Thus in the first verse, a bit confusingly, we find Bleu expressing a lack of desire to ever communicate with his ex again upon discovering that she deceived him. The said deception logically has something to do with her faithfulness. 

But the implication, taking the chorus into consideration, is the reason he prefers “beautiful lies” is because learning that a girlfriend cheated on him is something which Yung cannot forgive. But this may be more of his hard side speaking rather than his true heart, as the bridge infers, if this is the same lady he’s talking about, that he does in fact want her back.

Then Kehlani comes off as if she is in a tumultuous relationship with her own addressee (who doesn’t necessarily seem as if it is the other vocalist). And by the looks of things, this is founded in the other party being under some type of stress that he can’t properly process and which causes him to do things detrimental to their union. And the vocalist appears as if she is growing weary of it all and is therefore questioning “is… love enough” to keep them together.


So even though “Beautiful Lies” is themed on troubled romances, it’s not abundantly clear how the verses and chorus all connect to each other. But what is forthrightly stated, at least as far as the chorus goes, is the vocalist(s) not wanting to know the truth, if said knowledge reveals that his girlfriend is cheating.

Yung Bleu & Kehlani, "Beautiful Lies" Lyrics

“Beautiful Lies”, Yung Bleu and Kehlani

This is one of the songs that came out on 23 July 2021, via the Vandross Music Group, as part of Yung Bleu’s debut studio album, “Moon Boy”.  Bleu is a hip-hop artist from Mobile, Alabama. And this is the first time he has teamed up with Kehlani, a songstress from California.

This track was also issued as a single from the aforementioned album during November of 2021, thus afforded it a music video, as helmed by director Jon Primo. Said clip features a professional actress by the name of Parker Posey. And to note, this song marks one of only three times thus far that Bleu has made it onto the Billboard Hot 100. But that said, he was named Best New Artist at the 2021 edition of the Soul Train Music Awards.

Meanwhile Kehlani, whose own debut studio album, SweetSexySavage, came out in 2017, is a more tenured vocalist with a handful of hits, as well as a couple of Grammy nominations under her belt. The musicians who produced this track are Dinuzzo, Happie and Chaz Jackson. And they also co-wrote “Beautiful Lies” with Kehlani and Yung Bleu, with this being the first collaboration between the two vocalists.

Beautiful Lies

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    At the end of the video they show a symbol in the sky that him and her are looking at what is it and what does it mean

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