“Cupid’s Curse” by Phora & Kehlani

On “Cupid’s Curse”, Phora and Kehlani portray the roles of two lovers caught up in a messed-up relationship. In fact it would appear that they have already broken up, with Phora now dating a new lady. So Kehlani is just sitting back and watching him, knowing that he will need her again in the future. And indeed Phora himself quickly comes to realize that it is rather she who he is truly in love with. Moreover, the situation reads like this is some type of recurring scenario in their romance. 

So conclusively, “Cupid’s curse” is a metaphor pointing to the two of them having this make-up to break-up type of romantic association. And it sounds as if they indeed want to break-up, but their hearts will not allow them to do so.

“Cupid’s Curse” is noted for being Phora and Kehlani’s first collaboration. It was also written by the two singers. And the producer of the track is RRARE.

This song was officially released on 23 October 2020.

Phora has stated that the lyrics of this track hold a historical significance to him.

Who is Phora?

American rapper Marco Anthony Archer, known on stage as Phora, is best noted for his such albums  as “Yours Truly Forever” and “Still A Kid”.

He founded a record label named Yours Truly in 2011.

His 2016 single, Open Letter reached number 40 on the Billboard Twitter Real-Time charts.

In February 2017, he signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records.

His 2017 album titled Yours Truly Forever topped the US Top Rap albums charts and peaked at number 44 on the US Billboard 200 charts following its release.

Prior to his music career, he worked as a tattooist.

He was nearly stabbed to death in 2011 outside of Gilbert High School, Anaheim and survived a shooting incident in August 2015.

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