Meaning of “Nunya” by Kehlani (Ft Dom Kennedy)

For those who are wondering exactly what nunya is, it is a contracted form of the phrase none of your business. And in this track, that is what Kehlani is telling her ex-boyfriend in relation to her present love life – that the personal details of it are none of his business.

And boy is he inquisitive. According to the first verse, he wants to know who she is hanging out with, specifically romantically. He even goes as far as calling her friends and asking such questions. This bothers Kehlani, who complains that he is not giving her enough space.

Her ex responds by ‘putting on a show’, as in overacting in a way to insinuate that things are alright when in reality they aren’t. But Kehlani reaffirms that he needs to just put the past behind him, as she has no intentions on enlightening him concerning her love life. And her second verse follows this same theme, though she graphically advises her ex not to compare himself to her new boo but rather focus on his own present-day shorty.

Nunya Lyrics

Later Dom Kennedy drops a verse, playing the role of the type of ex-boyfriend Kehlani is describing. He insinuates that their relationship dissolved due to his own infidelities. Now he has to deal with the emotional discomfort of seeing her with other guys. His reaction is to just be on his own and focus on his work since now he has “no feelings”.

After that, Dom joins Kehlani in reciting the chorus centered on the privacy of their current romances.  Then he concludes “Nunya” by encouraging his ex to ‘do her thing’, and if need be, she knows how to reestablish contact with him.

Facts about “Nunya”

  • Writer(s): “Nunya” was written by Kehlani in conjunction with Dom Kennedy.
  • Producer(s): This song was produced by producer/rapper Hit-Boy.
  • Album/EP/Mixtape: This is the third track on Kehlani’s 2019 mixtape While We Wait. The aforementioned mixtape is Kehlani’s third.
  • Record Label: The label behind this track is TSNMI / Atlantic.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: On the same day this track was released, Kehlani announced on Twitter that she had reached nine months in her well-publicized pregnancy. 
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: “Nunya” was Kehlani’s third single for 2019, following “Nights Like This” and “Butterfly”.

Is this track the first time Kehlani and Dom Kennedy are working together?

Yes. Prior to “Nunya” both Kehlani and Kennedy had never collaborated.

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