“Everything Will Be Ok” by G-Eazy (ft. Kehlani)

In the past, we have alluded to the fact that it was actually Eminem who, around the turn of the century, made it somewhat standard for musicians to reveal intimate aspects of their personal and family histories in public songs. And those who have come after him, such as G-Eazy, have followed suit, such as on this track, “Everything Will Be Okay”.

Verse 1

In the first verse you can tell that G-Eazy is rapping about his personal life, though he does so in sort of this ambiguous way which can be applied to many of our situations. That is to say that throughout this passage, his emphasis is on the act of having to leave home – to pursue his destiny if you will – and in the process leaving loved ones behind. Most pointedly in that regard would be his significant other, who he is wondering if she will still be available after he finishes doing his thing.

Verse 2

But in the second verse the main addressee is G’s brother, who he is praising for taking care of their sick mother when he wasn’t around. Even though as with the first verse the lyrics are a bit ambiguous, we know this is what he is speaking to based on G-Eazy’s own explanation of this piece. 

In the days of old, an artist may have been reluctant to reveal for instance that his mother was sick and unemployed and as such had to be taken care of by a younger sibling, who was but a high school student at the time. But again, this song was not dropped in the days of old.

And it may be convenient to conclude that the reason some musicians cast the concept of confidentiality to the side is in the name of generating a buck. But as we have also pointed out in the past, a lot of us have been traumatized in our youth, and artists such as singers are at least in a unique position to get the associated stress off of their chests. 

Verse 3

The above would implicitly be the reason why the vocalist commences the third verse by harping back on his parents’ separation – a decision which, by design, completely blindsided him – as we know for example the parents divorcing tends to have a particularly adverse effect on children. 

And G-Eazy gets even more personal later in the verse, recounting, most simply put, how his mother’s lesbian lover died in their basement, as if realizing your mother is a lesbian isn’t burdening enough.

Primary Sentiment of “Everything Will Be Ok”

It was the aforementioned realization which served as one of the impetus behind this song which, once again going back to Eazy’s explanation, is “about acceptance… love and… appreciating people while they’re here”. 

That intended thesis sentiment isn’t one which many listeners may pick up solely from the lyrics. For instance, besides G-Eazy lamenting his personal history, Kehlani’s chorus proclaims that “even if I don’t stay, everything will be okay”.

It is not abundantly clear how such a notion relates to the rest of the narrative considering that, as depicted, obviously everything isn’t okay with the vocalist and his people. 

So by the looks of things, the chorus was added more for emotional affect. But it can also be taken as G-Eazy’s expression of faith, if you will. Or put differently, even after facing so many harrowing situations, nevertheless his is a success story.


So perhaps we can conclude by saying that the idea the title/chorus is based on, all lyrics considered, is that sometimes social or even familial sacrifices have to be made in the name of doing what one feels he needs to do. But that does not minimize the love said individual has for his people back at home.

G-Eazy's "Everything Will Be Ok" Lyrics

When was “Everything Will Be OK” released?

This song is from G-Eazy’s second studio album, “When It’s Dark Out”.

RCA Records, the Blueprint Group and The Revels Group put it out on 4 December 2015. 

“Everything Will Be OK” was not one of the singles issued from that project. However, it is considered one of the project’s outstanding tracks. The project itself went on to top Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Furthermore, it reached number 5 on the Billboard 200.

Is this G-Eazy’s first collaboration with Kehlani?

G-Eazy is an artist from Oakland who holds the distinction of being amongst the handful of notable White rappers to come out during the early 21st century. And he had actually teamed up with Kehlani, another musician from California, a couple of times prior to “Everything Will Be OK. The first of those outings apparently being a remix of Kehlani’s 2014 track “Get Away”. And to note, G-Eazy has referred to the songstress as “a special person” and “good friend of (his)”.

G-Eazy talks about "Everything Will Be Ok"


This song was produced by Remo the Hitmaker. Remo also contributed to its writing alongside the following:

  • Kehlani
  • G-Eazy
  • Christoph Andersson
Everything Will Be Ok

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