“Obsessed with You” by Central Cee

This piece can be most easily classified as a love song, but don’t let its terseness and simple layout deceive you, as there’s a lot going on therein. But for the sake of time, we’ll try to make the narrative as simple as possible.

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The vocalist has obviously come across someone whom he is “obsessed” or fascinated with. So, as they would say in the old days, he proceeds to kick it to her. Or it may also be viewed, as implied by some lyrics, they’re already an established couple.

But perhaps even more so than the lyrics being based on the concept of Central diggin’ the addressee is Cee letting her know that he’s living that life. But, as Ja Rule would say, thugs need love too. So combining those two ideas, the vocalist lets the addressee know that what he needs from her is “thug affection”. 

In other words, the vocalist requires a girl who understands and accepts him for the “trap boy” that he is. For example, one of the implied reasons why Central Cee is now ready to settle down is because, being an experienced street runner and all, he’s dealt with a number of “hos” and “b—hes”. Or viewed differently he’s been in the field long enough to know what he wants, and what he wants is the addressee.

But in a way, it’s really PinkPantheress’s sampled vocals which solidifies Obsessed with You as a love song. As far as Central Cee’s contribution goes, it’s almost like he’s trying to convince the addressee he really loves her while simultaneously convincing the listening audience that he’s a true thug.

Lyrics to "Obsessed with You" by Central Cee

Who is Central Cee?

Central Cee is a rapper who, currently at the age of 23, has been on the scene since his late teens. He dropped his first studio album, Wild West, in 2021, a project that has achieved extremely-impressive chart results in his homeland of the UK. However, Obsessed with You, which was released on 10 September of that same year, is not part of said undertaking. It is rather associated at this time, with an upcoming Central Cee mixtape tentatively entitled “23”.

Writing and Production of “Obsessed with You”

Another young British musician currently considered to be one of the most promising up-and-comers in the game, PinkPantheress, is credited as a co-writer of this song, alongside Mura Masa and Central Cee. That is due to a track of hers, another 2021 song entitled Just for Me, being heavily utilized therein.

The producer of Obsessed with You is an artist known as Nastylgia.

Obsessed with You

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