“Oh Caroline” by The 1975

The 1975’s “Oh Caroline” holistically reads like a sentiment of unrequited love being transmitted from the vocalist to the addressee. In other words, Caroline would be the latter, and as Matt puts forth, he is willing to ‘do or try anything she wants to’ in the name of locking her down.

And besides for the persistent pleading on his behalf in that regard, there are a couple of clear indications featured in the lyrics pointing to the idea that she does not feel the same. For example, in the second verse, the vocalist basically admits that he is “getting cucked” by her. 

The further implication is that he’s tired of being treated along like a second fiddle and sharing the woman he loves and thus wants Caroline to be his main squeeze. Or as the entire song implies, the vocalist has done what he perceives to be his best in the name of impressing her, but still, she can do things like ignore him “for weeks”.

And to note, Healy has clarified that this tale of being in love with a disinterested woman is not based on his personal life. Instead, it was the chorus that came to him first, and he felt it was “universal” enough to build a song around it. That is to say that he deems this piece vague enough, if you will, that other artists can easily cover it – besides of course that reference to the vocalist being a cuck.

The 1975, "Oh Caroline" Lyrics

Release of “Oh Caroline”

“Oh Caroline” is one of the songs that came out on 14 October 2022, through Dirty Hit, as part of The 1975’s album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”.

At the time of this track’s issuance, The 1975 also shared a video of a live performance of “Oh Caroline”.

Songwriting and Production Credits

This piece was written by a couple of members of the band, George Daniel and Matthew Healy, who also produced it with Jack Antonoff. 

In addition to the above, three other songwriters receive writing credits on “Oh Caroline”. They are:

  • Jimmy Hogarth
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Jamie Squire
Oh Caroline

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