“Happiness” by The 1975

The way the ideas in The 1975’s “Happiness” are presented are in sort of a helter-skelter fashion, as they seem, to some extent, to be flying a bit all over the place. For instance, the intro is largely philosophical or self-observant, while most of what follows thereafter is romantic in nature and seemingly unrelated to it.  

And even then, it’s only in the intro and bridge (which have similar lyrics) in which “happiness” is directly spoken to. And in those cases, what the vocalist is putting forth is that he’s ‘happiest when he’s doing something he knows is good’.

As for the verses and chorus, again, they’re speaking primarily to his relationship with an edifying romantic interest. And by the looks of things he’s thoroughly smitten, in part due to her sex appeal and prowess. 

In describing the background behind this song, Matt Healy explained it is sort of an impromptu work, i.e. one that came about as the result of a jam session. And that may be why the track seemingly fails to stick to one topic. But what can be ascertained in the very least is that yes, the vocalist does consider performing good works as the key to happiness. But he is also obviously deriving such an emotion from the amorous aspect of the relationship he’s currently in.

Lyrics of The 1975's "Happiness"

Release of “Happiness”

The 1975 formally made “Happiness” commercially available via an official release on the 3rd of August, 2022. This song is a single from the band’s “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” album. Both “Happiness” and “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” are products of a record label called Dirty Hit.

Part of the Band” was the first song to be released as as single from the said album. “Happiness” was released as the album’s second single.


This song was written and co-produced by two members of the band, vocalist Matt Healy and drummer George Daniel. Another credited co-writer is DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ.

On the production side, the pair worked with Jack Antonoff. The other credited writers of “Happiness” are:

  • Stephen Ellen Starar
  • Jenifer Starar

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Credits are wrong, check Spotify 🙂 should be DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Matthew Healy and George Daniel

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