“Old Memories” by Alicia Keys

At first, Alicia Keys’ “Old Memories” doesn’t start off as a love song. Instead Alicia is speaking to the general concept of how powerful the human mind is really, how we tend to hold onto “old memories” throughout our entire lifetime.

But alas, this track is in fact featured on “Keys”, an album that is made up almost entirely of love songs. And it doesn’t take long for “Old Memories” itself to flip, where what the vocalist is primarily reminiscing on is a lost love. 

What eventually proceeds to become the thesis sentiment of this piece, in an explicit sort of way, is something like once your heart is broken it never truly mends. Put simply, we do not have the ability to forget a true love, even if it is with someone whom our relationship with is no longer extant. 

So perhaps what the songstress is trying to say, in a roundabout way, is that we should value the ones we’re currently with. But more to the point, it’s as if she has never gotten over an old boyfriend.

Alicia Keys, "Old Memories" Lyrics

Release Date of “Old Memories”

Keys released the 8th studio album of her career on the 10th of December, 2021. “Old Memories” is track number 10 on the album (“KEYS”). It was launched along with the album on the aforementioned date.

Writing Credits

A collaboration between Keys and Natalie Hemby resulted in the composition of the song while Keys was solely responsible for its production.

Old Memories

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