“Therapy Session” by Lil Durk (ft. Alicia Keys)

“Therapy Session” is the opening track on “Almost Healed”, i.e. the Lil Durk full-length that came out through Sony, Alamo and Only the Family 26 May 2023. This song was released the day prior to the album itself and came out complete with its own music video, directed by Steve Cannon, which is connected to that of “Pelle Coat“, the song that follows it on the playlist of the “Almost Healed”. 

Besides being the sole vocalist of this skit, the multi-talented Alicia Keys also wrote and produced it herself.

The Lyrics of “Therapy Session”

“Therapy Session” does set the tone of the album, in a way. That is to say that one of the subthemes of “Almost Healed” can be considered Durk’s reaction to the passing of his homey/labelmate King Von in 2020 and the murder of his own brother, DThang, the following year. 

Everyone in the hip-hop community knows that Durk has been through a lot as of late. And in this track Alicia Keys, serving the role of his therapist, empathizes with the rapper, while also touting him as “a warrior” and encouraging the man to ‘express himself freely’ on this project.

And again, this song segues into “Pelle Coat”, which Durk does use as sort of an opportunity to present himself in a different light. Indeed, Durkio appears at least semi-dedicated to changing his gangsta image of late, as in presenting himself as a victim also, as with this track.

“Good morning, Durk
I hope you’re doing as well as possible under the circumstances
Can you tell me where was your mind when you heard the news of your friend Von passing away on November 6th, 2020?
And then, the loss of your brother on June 6th, 2021
Wow, that must’ve been incredibly devastating
I can only imagine how painful that must’ve been”
Therapy Session

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