“Like Water” by Alicia Keys

Ultimately Alicia’s “Like Water” is a love song, with the title meaning to serve as an analogy of the relationship at hand. And apparently what the vocalist is speaking to is something like the malleability, if you will, of water. 

Or as Alicia puts it, water is “made to survive”, even in drought-like conditions. Said drought, in this context, would be issues in her relationship with the addressee, i.e. a special person in the life of the vocalist. 

Also, water is such that if you get water from two different sources and put it into one container, it all becomes one. And likewise Keys is further saying that she and the addressee, similarly, are “part of each other”.


Finally we have reached the conclusion of the standard (aka “Originals”) playlist of Alicia’s album “Keys”. It seems that as the playlist progressed, the songs became increasingly difficult to make comprehensive sense out of. But that said, by and large this album is composed of love songs. And it is clear that Alicia is the same type of romantic at heart as she was when her first album came out some 20 years ago.

Lyrics to "Like Water" by Alicia Keys

Release Date of “Like Water”

“Like Water” is a part of Key’s studio album of 2021 (“Keys”). The album was released on October 10 of 2021. It is the singer’s official 8th studio album.

Alicia promoted the album with the following singles:

“Lala (Unlocked”) was released on September 9 as the lead single while the latter was put out on the 28th of October.


Three reputable song writers, including the Grammy Award winner, Mark Batson, Australian pop singer, Sia and Keys herself were responsible for the song’s composition.

Keys produced “Like Water” herself. 

Like Water

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