“Love When You Call My Name” by Alicia Keys

Seemingly, the sentiment Alicia’s “Love When You Call My Name” revolves around is the vocalist being so enraptured by the addressee that even when he ‘calls her name’, it brings Alicia much joy. 

Or more specifically, it is that “one word” especially that she loves to hear him utter. And yes, that is bit of an unheard of, and perhaps we can say overly-poetic premise to base a love song on. For at the end of the day, all it boils down to is the vocalist truly being in love, which up until this point on the playlist of Keys appears to be the theme of the album. 

But so it is in the music industry, i.e. the same ideas being presented over and over, so the challenge then becomes relaying the old in a new sorta way. And this song successfully does so, as even though its motif is unorthodox, it is still abundantly clear what the vocalist is putting forth.

Alicia Keys, "Love When You Call My Name" Lyrics

Facts about “Love When You Call My Name”

The song was released on the 10 of December, 2021 as part of Alicia’s 26-tracked album, “Keys”. The album happens to be the 8th of the singer’s music career. Alicia has been credited with its production.

American record label RCA Records is the record label through which the album was released.

Two songs were released as singles to promote the album. On the 9th of September, 2021 the lead single, “Lala (Unlocked)” was released. It was followed by “Best of Me” on the 28th of October.

Two Grammy award winners, Alicia herself and singer, songwriter and record producer, Raphael Saadiq teamed up to pen down the song.

Keys took charge of the song’s production herself.

Love When You Call My Name

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