“On My Way” by Alan Walker (Ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko)

“On My Way” has been brought to us by Alan Walker, a DJ from Norway.  And it features two different singers, which are Sabrina Carpenter, an American and Farruko, a Puerto Rican singing in two different languages, which are respectively English and Spanish. Likewise, the song seems to be based on two different stories and separate usages of the term “on my way”.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Alan Walker's On My Way at Lyrics.org.

Sabrina takes on the role of someone who can best be classified as a super heroine. And this idea is supported by the track’s music video, which centers on a female protagonist saving the entire planet.  By observing the lyrics of the song, you can see that this character has indeed decided to leave her life behind in order to “save the world”. And she acknowledges that ‘on her way’ to doing so, she is on her own as in there being no one who can protect her.

Meanwhile Farukko’s section of the track is based on a personal relationship. Although the lyrics never specify which type of relationship it is, it reads like a romance. Despite being attached to the other person, he has decided to walk away from this association under the realization that they are going around in unproductive circles. So when Farruko sings about being on his way, he means the personal path he is now on after forsaking this relationship, apparently with the intent of never coming back to the person he is leaving behind.

As such, the overall theme of “On My Way” is the artists’ decision to forge their own new paths of life.  However, their reasons for doing so, as well as the goals they are trying to reach, are seemingly based on two completely different aspirations.

Does “On My Way” have an official music video?

Yes, it does.

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  1. Jackson says:

    Thanks I real appreciate you for making me understand becouse it is among my favorite songs,and I didn’t understand the meaning

  2. kitty says:

    i love the song and this make me love it more

  3. Nicole says:

    I love this song

  4. Anonymous says:

    what is the language?

  5. N0t_3v3r_T3ll1ng says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you for taking your time to put this together. Really appreciated.

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