“Feather” by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter continues to forge ahead with her acting and music career post-Olivia Rodrigo / Joshua Bassett beef. For example, in terms of the latter she released a studio album in 2022, “Emails I Can’t Send”, which was particularly well received by the likes of professional music critics. 

And more recently, on 17 March 2023, Island Records dropped the deluxe edition of that LP, under the title “Email I Can’t Send Fwd:”. And this initiative has introduced four new songs, one of which is “Feather”, to the original 13-track album.


John Ryan is a behind-the-scenes’ musician who, most notably, was a regular collaborator of One Direction back when they were together. And it is Ryan, an Upstate New York native, who produced “Feather”, in addition to co-writing the song with Amy Allen and Sabrina Carpenter. 

And to note he also was the producer behind “Fast Times” (2022), which served as the second single from “Emails I Can’t Send”.


Usually when a person puts forth a statement such as they’re feeling “lighter like a feather”, as Sabrina does in the chorus, that’s another way of saying that a heavy burden has been lifted, and they’re relieved accordingly. And in this case said burden, most simply put, would be the presence of the addressee, the vocalist’s ex, in her life.

More specifically it reads as if they may have already broken up some time ago, but Sabrina still had lingering feelings. Also it appears as if they continued to communicate regularly, on a romantic level, i.e. the addressee attempting to get her back. But said communications have proven to his disadvantage, as now the vocalist has been able to conclude he “act(s) like a b*tch” which, in context, means he’s not really serious.

So now, the songstress has finally reached the point where she has excommunicated the addressee. “No more” being concerned about if he’s dating someone else, “no more” acting certain ways just to please him and “no more” entertaining his phone calls or messages. 

And Sabrina is able to relay these sentiments in a victorious tone because concurrently, she’s well aware that he misses her. So the implication, even though it’s never specified and is only briefly alluded to in the second verse, is that he messed up the relationship to begin with, presumably by being continuously unfaithful and also, as implied in the first verse, lacking true commitment.

“I feel so much lighter like a feather with you off my mind, ah
Floatin’ through the memories, like, whatever
You’re a waste of time, ah
Your signals are mixed, you act like a bi–h
You fit every stereotype, ‘Send a pic’
I feel so much lighter like a feather with you out my life
With you out my life”

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