“One Life” by James Bay

“One Life” is a love song. The title is derived from a line in the chorus that reads “I’ve only got one life, and I want you in it”. That’s basically a fancy way of saying that the addressee is someone who the vocalist desires to have a lifelong relationship with. And more specifically, James Bay is singing to his real-life sweetheart, one Lucy Smith, the lady who has been holding him down since his teenage years and prior to Bay becoming a music star.

And there are plenty of tender moments found within this piece. But what it all boils down to, as presented, is the vocalist not being able to imagine his life without the addressee. Indeed there is even a marriage proposal found at the end of the second verse. But it remains to be seen if “One Life” will actually lead to James Bay and Lucy Smith officially tying the knot.

Lyrics to James Bay's "One Life"
Meaning of "One Life"

Facts about “One Life”

“One Life”, which was released on 13 May 2022, is a single from “Leap”, James Bay’s third LP, which is a product of Mercury Records and Republic Records. 

Bay wrote this song with Matt Morris, Steve Robson, Bianca Ghermezian, Ethan Ruska and Wrabel, and he produced alongside Ian Fitchuk.

The last full-length album Bay came out with was 2018’s “Electric Light”, which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. But prior to that his debut studio album, “Chaos and the Calm”, was a bigger success, topping the UK Singles Chart and thus far achieving triple-platinum status via the BPI.

James Bay is 31 years old as of the dropping of this track. So being with Lucy Smith from the time he was 17, that now means they’ve been together for roughly 15 years. And they had their first child, Ada Violet Bay, in 2021.

One Life

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