Meaning of “Ouch” by Bring Me The Horizon

Coming in at just under two minutes, “Ouch” is a short track, almost like an interlude. Also, the intro and bridge consist of basically one expression, “na”, being uttered repeatedly. However, Sykes states that this is his most-personal track yet. It revolves around his unsuccessful marriage to tattoo artist Hannah Snowdon and his take on the matter, looking back on it some two years after their divorce.

“Ouch” starts off with Sykes stating in French, “you killed my baby”. On the surface, this would sound like a reference to abortion. However, a more-accepted interpretation is that Sykes is alluding to the destruction of the relationship and/or is speaking to the Frenchman who his wife cheated with, with that action being the catalyst which ultimately led to the divorce.

Lyrics of "Ouch"

The verse of the song is repeated twice though contains almost identical lyrics. In it, Oli says that he knew beforehand the relationship was doomed. He also makes mention of Hannah’s 2016 suicide attempt, which apparently had something to do with their relationship. Additionally, he recalls an event in which Snowdon’s paramour directly interfered in their marriage and basically levied the ultimate dis against him by referring to him as “the devil”. He also expressed astonishment that Snowdon would even sleep with a man like that.

Facts about “Ouch”

  • Release Date: “Ouch” was released on January 25, 2019 through Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Album/EP: It is the 6th track on amo, which is the sixth studio album of BMTH.
  • Production: The track’s production was handled by Jordan Fish alongside Oliver Sykes.
  • Writer(s): Matt Kean, Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Matt Nicholls, and Jordan Fish (BMTH) worked together to write this song.
  • Vocals: This track’s primary vocalist is Oliver Sykes. Jordan Fish provided the background vocals.

Was “Ouch” released as a single?

BMTH didn’t release this track as a single. The album amo on which it appears produced five singles. They are as follows:

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