“Paper Flowers” by Alicia Keys (ft. Brandi Carlile)

“Paper Flowers” appears to be the most metaphorical and consequently confusing song on the “Keys” album. The vocalists go about comparing and contrasting themselves to “paper flowers”, but what it is they’re trying to put forth exactly in that regard is not really clear. 

But perhaps, all lyrics considered, what they are speaking to is a notion like human life being fragile or fleeting. And that’s because at the end of it all, the main point being put across via this piece is that we should live “just for today”, or something like that. In other words, these are not the type of ladies to harp on the past, nor are they concerned for the future. Rather making the most of the here and now, if you will, is their main lifestyle priority.

And to note, by this point both Alicia Keys and Brandi Carlile are tenured musicians. So perhaps the reason why the lyrics are so complicated is because the songstresses are appealed to an older, more poetically-inclined audience. But either way, at the end of the day, “Paper Flowers” is far from easy reading, though, as a testament to the skill level of the singer/songwriters involved, still gets its main point across.

Lyrics for Alicia Keys' "Paper Flowers"

Release Date of “Paper Flowers”

“Paper Flowers” is a song from Alicia’s 8th studio album which is also titled “Keys”. The album was put out on the 10th of December, 2021.

Keys was the primary producer of the album. Released through RCA Records, “Keys” produced the following singles .


Keys and Brandi Carlile composed “Paper Flowers” together.

Paper Flowers

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