“Dear Insecurity” by Brandy Clark (ft. Brandi Carlile)

“Dear Insecurity” finds the vocalist addressing insecurity itself. And as presented, said addressee is a seductive, freeloading, discouraging, immature, oppressive, character and overall toxic character. But unfortunately for the vocalist, she cannot get it out of her life. And despite not having a romantic undertone, this song was actually inspired by the destroying effect that insecurity tends to have on such relationships.

“If I can’t find a way to get you gone
Can’t we find a way to get along, along, along
You’re careless and you’re cruel, and, oh, you’re mindless
Maybe you could try a little kindness
Instead of hurtin’ me”

Shoutout to Brandi Carlile

On this track, we have Brandy Clark teaming up with one of her contemporaries, Brandi Carlile. 

To date Carlile’s career has been more notable, as for instance she’s won nine Grammys between 2019 and 2023.  And even though she’s her co-vocalist’s junior, Carlile is main producer behind “Brandy Clark”, i.e. Brandy Clark’s album which this song was derived from. Said project was made publicly available on 19 May 2023 through Warner Records.  And to note the two songstresses did team up vocally before, on Clark’s 2020 song “Same Devil”.

A Personal Opinion about “Dear Insecurity”

“‘Dear Insecurity’ holds significant importance, particularly for the likes of my teenage self. Its message goes beyond just young teens and resonates with anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable in their own body. Growing up as a teenage black girl in a predominantly white neighborhood, my skin color became one of the most challenging issues I had to confront.

This song beautifully addresses the pervasive issue of insecurity and its detrimental impact on one’s self-perception. The lyrics vividly depict insecurity as an unwelcome companion, relentlessly highlighting perceived flaws and amplifying self-doubt. It personifies insecurity as a manipulative force that occupies one’s mind, eroding self-esteem and confidence.

“Dear Insecurity” serves as a reminder that these internal struggles are universal and need to be confronted with self-acceptance, kindness, and resilience. This collaboration between Brandy and Carlile adds depth and authenticity to the song, making it even more impactful. I am grateful that the singers chose to address this issue through music, as it has the potential to uplift and empower individuals facing such battles.”

Dear Insecurity

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