“Push My Luck” by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers’ “Push My Luck” is a song about a budding relationship.  The singer and the addressee, his romantic interest, have apparently already slept together. But the implication is that they have not made any type of formal, long-term commitment. 

Indeed what they are going through is more or less a fling, where sometimes she (the addressee) may call him and other times not. But he is definitely interested in taking things to the next level despite the implied risk factor involved. Indeed the term “push my luck” alludes to the idea of someone making an attempt to accomplish a specific goal regardless of the palpable possibility of failure. And in this particular case, the scenario reads like the singer’s lover may be so caught up in other responsibilities that the idea of getting into a deep romance is not at the forefront of her mind. Moreover their first date did not end ideally. However there is definitely a mutual interest. 

And regardless of what her apprehensions may be against getting seriously committed to him, obviously the singer is smitten and has decided to continue to push up either way.

Lyrics of "Push My Luck"

Quick Facts about “Push My Luck”

The first teasing of this track is said to have occurred via Instagram on 18 June 2019.

And the song was actually released by Columbia Records on 8 November 2019. This makes it the sixth single thus far to be dropped from The Chainsmokers’ forthcoming album entitled “World War Joy”.

“Push My Luck” was written by The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart (who also serves as the vocalist). He co-wrote it alongside Remy Gautreau and Smarter Child.

Child also produced the track with The Chainsmokers and Ian Kirkpatrick.

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