“I Changed Her Life” by XXXTentacion (ft. Rick Ross)

As you may have already deduced, the titular “her” is a reference to a romantic interest. And the way XXXTentacion has “changed her life” can be interpreted in a sensual sense, as in he being so potent in bed that his lovemaking is a life-changing experience. But it also reads like an allusion to her being transformed by interacting with someone as wealthy as the artist.

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And whereas X does hold down the chorus, it is actually the track’s co-star, Rick Ross, who recites the song’s only verse. And honestly his lyrics aren’t about romance at all. Rather he drops lyrics akin to a tribute to X (1998-2018) and other homeys who have died prematurely. For example, he gives a shoutout to “Nipsey” Hussle, another rapper who, like X, was murdered not too long before this song was released. And the reason for such a disparity between the chorus and the verse of “I Changed Her Life” would logically be due to the fact that, in addition to leaving limited recordings behind, X never actually worked directly with Rick Ross. 

So if he so desired, the Boss could have harped on the established theme of the effects his bedroom skills and wealth have on females, as he has done so countless times in the past. But instead he took the higher road – so to speak – and used what is his first and likely last collaboration with the slain vocalist to memorialize his passing.

Lyrics of "I Changed Her Life"

Quick Facts about “I Changed Her Life”

This track was released by XXXTentacion’s personal label, Bad Vibes Forever, in conjunction with Empire Records on 6 December 2019. It is featured on what many believe will be X’s final posthumous project, which is also entitled “Bad Vibes Forever”.

And as with some other collaborators on this star-studded album, it seems that XXXTentacion never knew Rick Ross personally. Rather Rozay contributed his verse to this song primarily in honor of X himself, as he implies in the interlude of the song.

The writers of “I Changed Her Life” are Rick Ross, XXXTentacion and the track’s producer, John Cunningham.

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