“Money in the Grave” by Drake (ft. Rick Ross)

The title of this song (“Money in the Grave” is primarily based on the narrators (Drake and Rick Ross) desiring to have their “money in the grave” with them when they die. And according to Drake, the rationale behind doing so is in an attempt for him to “stay paid” into “the next life”.

Drake dropped this song specifically in response to his hometown NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, recently winning the Championship. However, on the surface, the song itself has absolutely nothing to do with the Raptors or basketball. Rather, as its title implies, the main topic discussed is Drizzy’s fortune as well as that of his co-star, fellow hip-hop millionaire Rick Ross. And since the extravagance of their wealth has already been their favorite topic for years, this track logically is not revolutionary content-wise. Also lyrically, it is not one to necessarily standout amongst the countless others which also deal with the same themes.

So once again, Drake and Ross are reminding the audience of their standing in the world. And this basically boils down to the artists being rich, on top of their game and living it up.

Writers and Producers of “Money in the Grave”

The producers of this song – Asoteric, Ljay Currie and Cydney Christine – assisted the two headline rappers in writing the track.

Co-producer Cydney Christine is better known as a model (and former girlfriend of Chris Brown), with “Money in the Grave” being the first track she ever officially produced.

Release Date

Three record labels, including Young Money Entertainment released “Money in the Grave” as one of two songs which comprise Drake’s The Best in the World Pack. This track and the entire project it appears on was dropped on 15 July 2019 again in recognition of the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship the day prior. “Omertà” is the other song on the the aforementioned project.

Is this Drake and Rick Ross’ firs collaboration?

No. Drizzy and Ross have collaborated numerous times in the past, dating back to DJ Khaled’s 2009 track “Fed Up”. However, they did apparently have beef at some point, which they officially squashed in 2017.

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