“Mr. Right Now” by 21 Savage & Metro Boomin (ft. Drake)

Released in October 2, 2020, and produced by Ethan Stevens, Mike Bozzi, Noah Hashimoto, and Noah Cadastre; this track was written by the following artists:

  • 21 Savage
  • Drake
  • Tate Kobang
  • Jozzy
  • Metro Boomin
  • David Ruoff
  • Elias Klughammer

On “Mr. Right Now”, the rappers take turns to boast about their bedroom prowess and material possessions. It begins by using ‘slide’ as a metaphor for sex, stating that they want to have access to their women whenever they want, and then reward them with an expensive lifestyle, symbolized by top fashion brands such as Chanel. According to the artist, he doesn’t want to be that perfect guy who would want to marry and settle with a person they love. Instead, he calls himself ‘Mr. Right Now’ because he only wants to enjoy the moment.

The rappers also make several references to certain artists and R&B songs which are supposedly going to be used for these encounters. He also references the quarantine, a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and suggests that although times are hard, it has no effect on his pocket, thus this lady shouldn’t worry about lack.

Throughout the track, the narrator makes it clear that he has gotten rid of his heart and emotions, thus he doesn’t need a serious relationship or even marriage. All he is concerned about is the kind of enjoyment that takes place in the moment.


In all “Mr. Right Now” depicts the rappers’ desire to only be sensually involved with their women. And in the process, they want to avoid all forms of commitment while ushering them into expensive lifestyles.

On which album is “Mr. Right Now”?

It is a product of the “SAVAGE MODE II” project. This is a collaborative album by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. Other notable songs from this project include the following:

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