Meaning of “Drew a Picasso” by Drake 

The lyrics of Drake’s “Drew a Picasso” delve into the intricate dynamics of a tumultuous romantic relationship, and they touch upon various emotions and experiences.

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Emotional Intensity and Conflict: The song describes an on-and-off relationship characterized by intense passion and frequent arguments. Lines like “we back f**kin’ again” after deciding not to, and “f**kin’, and arguin’, f**kin’ again” capture this cyclical nature of their relationship.

Possessiveness and Jealousy: Drake seems to possess a strong desire to be the sole focus of the partner’s attention. This is evident in lines like “You’re mine” and “Too many reasons why I can’t picture you with him.”

Regret and Self-awareness: There’s a sense of introspection and regret throughout. Phrases like “Was man enough to tell you you was wrong” and “Paragraph was sent last night, Yeah, I probably should’ve never sent that” highlight moments of self-realization and wishful thinking about what could have been done differently.

Betrayal and Mistrust: Drake touches upon feelings of betrayal, particularly with lines like “That’s the same shit that you doin’ to me” and “Said we got each other back and then you put the knife in it like the kitchen drawer,” suggesting deceit and backstabbing.

Cultural and Playful References: The song incorporates various cultural references, adding layers of depth and nuance. For example, the mention of “Gryffindor” nods to the Harry Potter series, while “the athlete that you rollin’ with” might refer to a specific person in the partner’s life.

Emphasis on Authenticity: Drake mentions moments of authenticity and raw emotions, as in “For the world to sing along,” suggesting that the song is a genuine outpouring of feelings, not just an act for the public.

Competition and Comparison: There’s a recurring theme of comparing oneself to others in the partner’s life. The singer comments on other men, downplaying their importance and worth, suggesting a sense of competition or rivalry.

Judgment and Acceptance: The line “You still listenin’ to R Kelly in the whip, baby girl, and I don’t judge you” encapsulates a more accepting attitude, indicating moments where the singer is willing to overlook certain aspects for the sake of the relationship.

What does Drake mean by saying he “drew a Picasso”?

If someone says they “drew a Picasso,” without specific contextual information, it could generally imply that they created something with inspiration from, or in the style of, the famed artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso is known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for the invention of constructed sculpture. His works are characterized by different styles and techniques, and he worked in a variety of mediums, creating not only paintings but also sculptures and ceramics.

Here are a few possible interpretations:

  • They could mean that they created artwork that is abstract or non-representational in nature, similar to many of Picasso’s pieces.
  • They might imply that they’ve created something innovative or avant-garde, as Picasso was a pioneering figure in 20th-century art.
  • They might suggest that they approached their creation in a non-traditional or experimental manner.
  • They could simply mean they tried to emulate Picasso’s style in their drawing.

In some contexts, it could also be used metaphorically to indicate creating something complex, multifaceted, or thought-provoking, even outside of an artistic context.

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