“Rockstar” by Post Malone (featuring 21 Savage)

“Rockstar” is a hip hop/trap song recorded and performed by American rapper, Post Malone. The song, which came out in 2017, also features fellow American rapper 21 Savage. In “Rockstar”, Malone and Savage do nothing but brag to the world about the super interesting rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles they are leading. Hence the song’s title “Rockstar”.  

In boasting about his rock and roll lifestyle, Malone mentions the names of two iconic rockstars: Jim Morrison and Bon Scott. Both stars died tragically at very young ages. Morrison, who was the lead singer of the rock band The Doors, died at the age of 27. Scott, on the other hand, died at 33. He was the frontman of the hard rock band AC/DC. Both men lived the fast, reckless and fun life of the average rock star. In the end, they died young (just like the average rock star does). And yes, studies have proven that rock stars generally die younger than the average person!

Lyrics of "Rockstar"

How the song “Rockstar” was created

In a September 2017 interview with Billboard, Malone explained how the song was birthed. According to him, its birth took place at Quad Recording Studios in New York City. Malone, who was at the said studio to do some recordings, met the then rising producer Tank God by chance. At that time, Tank was relatively unknown in the industry. According to Malone, Tank asked him if would like to hear some beats he created. So he gave him the go-ahead and was blown away by what he heard from the young producer.

Instantaneously, Malone and his team partially worked on the track. The half-baked track was then sent to Los Angeles where it underwent further development. Malone finished his part and transferred it to 21 Savage to work on his.

Speaking to Genius, Tank revealed that prior to stumbling upon Malone at Quad Studios, he had actually met him before at a store in L.A.

Here’s a portion of Tank’s interview with Genius, regarding the creation of the song:

Tank God on the Creation of "Rockstar"

By the way, it’s noteworthy that in addition to being renowned for producing a ton of memorable hits, Quad Studios is also known for being the scene where the late rapper Tupac Shakur was robbed and shot in 1994.

Facts about “Rockstar”

  • In all, six songwriters (including Post Malone and 21 Savage) are credited with writing this song. The other four songwriters are: Tank God, Joey Bada$$, Carl Austin Rosen and Louis Bell.
  • Tank God and noted music producer Louis Bell are credited with the song’s production. Prior to this track, Tank had never worked with Malone. However, Bell had worked with Malone on multiple tracks, including on the global hit “Congratulations”.
  • “Rockstar” was officially released for digital download by Republic Records on 15 September, 2017. It came out as the first single from Beerbongs & Bentleys. Beerbongs & Bentleys, which is Malone’s second studio album, also features the global hit single “Better Now“.
  • The success of “Rockstar” opened so many doors for producer Tank God. For example, shortly after the song came out, he received numerous offers from a ton of record labels and music publishing companies. He eventually signed a mouth-watering publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC in 2017.
  • The original version of “Rockstar” didn’t feature Savage. It featured T-Pain as well as the song’s co-writer Joey Badass. However, for some reason Savage later took their place.
  • “Rockstar” was so successful it hit the number 1 position on the Hot 100 in the United States. It also reached number 1 in the UK and several other countries, including Romania, Canada and Denmark.
  • British music video director Emil Nava directed the music video for “Rockstar”.

Has “Rockstar” ever won a Grammy Award?

The massive success of the song saw it receive two Grammy Award nominations at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. It was nominated in the following categories: Record of the Year and Best Rap/Sung Performance

Who is Louis Bell? And what are some of his notable works?

Bell is a famous American record producer and songwriter. He began working professionally as a music producer in 2003. Since venturing into the music industry, he has worked with some of the biggest stars. Below are some of the notable songs he has worked on:

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