“Wasting Angels” by Post Malone (ft. The Kid LAROI)

There have been a couple of different explanations offered for Post Malone’s “Wasting Angels”, which Posty himself described as an ode to resiliency. But honestly, the lyrics read a lot like a love song or more specifically as if the main addressee is a romantic interest of the vocalist. And what the title poetically alludes to is the latter’s resolve not to let a prime opportunity pass him by, or something to that effect.

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Indeed all things considered, it may be said that this piece is dual-subjected. On one hand, we have both Post and Laroi relaying sentiments to an addressee who once again comes off as an estranged lover. And it seems as if the relationship between Malone and his sweetheart may have been negatively affected by his affinity for drugs. But he’s saying that he needs her nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Laroi also has a thing for intoxication. Furthermore, reading in between the lines, it can be deemed that his addressee also has issues with this habit, or at least The Kid feels a need to let her know that he doesn’t need like a parental figure in his life, so to speak. By the time all is said and done, both vocalists appear to acknowledge that despite being the hardheaded types themselves, they understand that the addressee does have a legitimate gripe.


In terms of “Wasting Angels” being dual-subjected, the chorus at least does read, in part, like a come-up song. But it’s as if even amidst all of the success, the vocalists are able to recognize that mistakes are being made on their part and particularly, as far as the title is concerned, on the romantic front. So that would explain why even if the relationship with the addressee(s) is currently messed up, and they don’t want any girl breathing down their backs, still they are not compelled to let go of this particular lady.

Lyrics for Post Malone's "Wasting Angels"

The Collabo between Malone and LAROI

As of the dropping of this track on 3 June 2022, The Kid Laroi, who is eight years younger than Post Malone, can be considered the top up-and-coming musician from Australia. And this is the first time the two vocalists have teamed up.

Who wrote “Wasting Angels”?

Both vocalists served as co-writers of “Wasting Angels”.

The other authors of this song are Louis Bell and Billy Walsh. Bell and Post Malone also hold production credits for the track.

When was “Wasting Angels” released?

“Wasting Angels” was made public by Republic Records and Mercury Records, the latter now being an imprint of the former. Mercury is actually the much-older label but went defunct in the mid-2010s and was revived by Republic, with Post Malone being the artist who headlined its relaunch.

“Wasting Angels” is part of “Twelve Carat Toothache” (which is Malone’s fourth studio album).

Wasting Angels

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