“By the Way” by Lukas Graham

One unverified explanation that has been offered concerning the background of “By the Way” is it being inspired by a friend of Lukas who was a closeted homosexual. The lyrics do not refer to such a topic directly. However, the logical implication given the sentiments expressed is that they were likely inspired by the LGBT movement. This of course has a powerful presence within the music industry. 

What’s being put forth can be applied to the struggle that many homosexuals go though in terms of whether or not to reveal their sexual orientation to others.

As for what’s actually being relayed lyrically, the addressee is depicted as someone who is basically living a false life. What’s implied, as theorized earlier, is said individual being afraid of manifesting what they desire internally. And resultantly, he or she appears to be stressed.

So the response the vocalist levies onto this individual is twofold. First is assuring him or her their feelings are not unique. There are others in the same type of predicament of possessing likewise inclinations yet being compelled to keep them bottled up.

Key Sentiment

As for the thesis sentiment itself, it is more along the lines of encouraging the addressee to come out, if you will. Or viewed from a different angle, Lukas feels as if this person is doing him or herself a disservice by not embracing what he wants in his heart. That said, it’s not as if the vocalist espouses any particular course of action. Instead, we can say as far as the conclusive sentiment is concerned that Graham is more simply empathizing with what the addressee is going through.

Lukas Graham, "By The Way" Lyrics
Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album
20th Jan, 2023Lukas Forchhammer
Brandon Beal
Daniella Binyamin
Markus Artved
Markus Artved“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)

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