“Emails I Can’t Send” by Sabrina Carpenter

The title of this song/album, “emails I can’t send”, is meant to allude to the notion of Sabrina having drafted messages but up until now lacking the wherewithal to actually send them. This is something which she reportedly did in real life, with said drafts going on to inspire the songs found on the album. And the implication behind it all is that the sentiments expressed in those texts are so personal to Sabrina and potentially harmful to the feelings of the addressees that Carpenter decided to suppress said emotions, until now.

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“Emails I Can’t Send”

In this case, which to reiterate is the title song of the entire album, the addressee is actually her dad. And to make a long story short, sometime during Sabrina’s youth apparently, pop dukes got caught out there cheating.

And this really messed the vocalist up, as it skewed her perception of men as romantic interests. So for example, even if she finds herself dating a ‘nice guy’, her mind will still proceed to ‘villianize him’.  And her thinking has developed such that she also believes dudes are cheating on her – even though she doesn’t have any evidence to support that notion – and in the process playing her for a fool. 

Furthermore, the way the vocalist perceives life is that even when she does settle down and get married, her husband will be unfaithful. Or as encapsulated in the closing lines of the verse, her father was her only role model. But after proving himself grimey, now it’s as if their relationship has been destroyed.

And going back to the general motif upon which this piece is based, Sabrina acknowledges, in a roundabout way, that it isn’t standard to put your father on blast like this. But she feels that “he had it coming”. 

So the conclusive point she’s trying to get to is not that she wants beef with him forever, nor does she desire to live out her entire life distrusting men. Instead, most simply put, she wants her father to man-up and squash the highlighted beef.

"Emails I Can't Send" Lyrics
Sabrina Carpenter explains meaning of "Emails I Can't Send"

Release Date of “Emails I Can’t Send”

This is the title track to the Sabrina Carpenter album which came out through Island Records on 15 July 2022. 


The producer of this track is Big Taste.

The writing of the song, on the other hand, was handled by Carpenter, JP Saxe and Julia Michaels, the latter of whom has made her presence felt throughout a good portion of the album. 

In fact while engaged in some Twitter beef, Michaels went on to claim she “wrote f*-king all of” the tracks featured on the album and received backlash accordingly

According to reports, Julia actually had a hand in penning 7 of the 13 songs found on the project’s playlist.

Emails I Can't Send

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