“Exhale” by Sabrina Carpenter

The foundation of “Exhale” is the pressures young Sabrina Carpenter is under in her life. These are both external and internal. For instance, in the pre-chorus she states that she is compelled to “listen to” her mom, dad and sisters. Moreover people are prone to giving her advice that she “didn’t ask” for.  Additionally she seems to overanalyze “words and glances” as well as “put(ting) too much weight on situations” and on herself. All of these factors combined make Sabrina feel as if ‘the world is on her back and not in her hands’, alluding to her perceiving minimal control over these stressors.

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Thus the chorus and track overall are based on her desire to “exhale”. This is symbolic of Carpenter taking a respite from these aggravations as well as exercising more control over her life. But it goes beyond that! She also requests interpersonal relief by “talk(ing) it out” with those who contribute to her anxieties, in the name of gaining a better understanding of the perspectives they are coming from. But what she is entreating from others more than anything is the opportunity to “calm down for a moment”. 


So in summation, the sentiment that Sabrina Carpenter is putting forth in this song is a necessity to relieve herself – even if “just for a second” – from both the real and imaginary pressures that have come to plague her life. And in that regard, she is especially requesting that her associates be sympathetic to her need to “exhale”.

Lyrics of Exhale

Facts about “Exhale”

  • Hollywood Records officially released “Exhale” on the 3rd of May 2019. However Sabrina Carpenter had been performing it since April as the encore song of her Singular Tour.
  • “Exhale” was written by Sabrina Carpenter along with Ross Golan and songwriter/producer Johan Carlsson, who also produced the track.
  • It is a single from Carpenter’s 2019 album, Singular: Act II. The singles “Almost Love” and “Sue Me” can also be found on this album.
  • According to Carpenter, performing this song live tends to be very difficult for her. And why? Because it makes her “very emotional”.

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