“Solitaires” by Future (ft. Travis Scott)

The title (“Solitaires”) of this song points to a line in the chorus in which Travis Scott exclaims that he (and Future) have “solitary diamonds, solitary jewels”. And getting straight to the point, this statement is meant to illustrate that the artists are rich. Or stated otherwise, this is a song in which Future and his cohort go about bragging based on their wealth. 

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Also their intimate interactions with women can be deduced as the lyrics’ secondary theme, as they dedicate ample bars to that subject also. Additionally, being that this is indeed a Future track, he goes about stating his affinity for a number of intoxicating substances. And what all of these assertions are ultimately meant to lead us to is the notion of the two artists being on top of their game. Indeed Travis notes that he’s been “thuggin’ since a youngin”, as in making paper via various, likely illegal means since the time he was in “school”.

Lyrics of "Solitaires"


Future and Scott wrote this song along with one of the track’s producers, Wheezy. And the other producer of “Solitaires” in Mike Dean.

Release Date of “Solitaires”

This track was released by Epic Records on 15 May 2020. It is one of the top tracks from Future’s album entitled “High Off Life”.

Is this Future’s first collabo with Travis Scott?

No. Future and Travis have a pretty-extensive collaboration history, dating back to 2015.

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