“Wait for U” by Future (ft. Tems & Drake)

“Wait for U” is one of the those types of songs in the which the musician(s) is addressing a romantic interest who is upset that, due to his touring lifestyle, they do not spend as much time together as idealized.

Tems is portraying said interest, a woman who is in her feelings as, due to the aforementioned reality, she is not completely convinced that Future/Drake truly loves her. But that said she is dedicated, as in ‘waiting for’ the homeys and all. However, when she’s “drunk”, that’s when she lets it be known that despite playing the patient housewife, if you will, spending long periods of time without the man she loves is pushing the limits of her commitment to him. 

The vocalist understands her contention, which is why he is likewise expressing his dedication to their romance yet also respecting the fact that the addressee may want to call it quits.

So in his short solo verse, Future goes about expressing appreciation for his girl’s loyalty, someone who loves him despite his “demons” and what have you and regardless of the fact that he cannot ‘take her everywhere he’s going’. 

But Drake’s message is more along the lines of telling homegirl to chill out. As inferred, the way he sees it is that she should feel lucky to be the recipient of his affection, since he’s rich, compassionate, etc. So instead of being contentious over his absence, he feels as if her constant contention is a sign that maybe they are not meant for each other.

Lyrics to Future's "Wait for U"

The Collaboration

Tems is a Nigerian singer who, most notably as far as the American music industry is concerned, collaborated with Drake on a 2021 track titled “Fountains”. And Drizzy is actually a regular Future collaborator, with the two artists now, as of the dropping of “Wait for U” having teamed up a whopping 28 times since 2015.

“Wait for U”

The three vocalists co-wrote this song. They accomplished the writing process with Zac and FNZ.  And FNZ, which is actually a duo of musicians, also produced “Wait for U” with ATL Jacob.

The date on which “Wait for U” was commercially released is 29 April 2022.

This song is from Future’s album “I Never Liked You”, which is a product of Epic Records and Freebandz.

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