“Worst Day” by Future

Future is well known for his womanizing ways. And relatedly, on this song he is letting the world know that Valentine’s Day is “the worst day” of the year as far as he is concerned. That would be primarily because he has so many girlfriends that, being pressured by the romance-based holiday, during this time of year he has to spend a lot of money on making them happy.

Or as explained in his own words, he can’t help but “to splurge” on every beautiful woman he comes across. But of course in the grand scheme of hip-hop, such assertions are not only a roundabout way for the rapper to boast about the number of women at his disposal but also his wealth, which as revealed in the second verse is the result of “hard work and dedication”.

Future also lets it be known that an additional reason he doesn’t like Valentine’s Day is because one of his women, who as presented may be a personification of all of them, rather desires his presence as opposed (or in addition) to all of the gifts he buys her. Meanwhile, the vocalist’s life is primarily about the hustle, as in him not having a lot of time to spend with a particular lady nor a genuine desire to settle down. So it’s like her/them demanding to be with him is stressing him out.


Overall, although this piece may be slightly Valentine-themed, ultimately it’s the same as Future’s other pieces, i.e. braggadocious. However, this time around he takes a more indirect approach by rather focusing, to some extent, on his significant other(s). And the thesis sentiment appears to be that whereas he loves his ladies and accordingly isn’t shy about spending on them, still he cannot be the, shall we say family man they want him to be.

Lyrics to Future's "Worst Day"

Facts about “Worst Day”

This track was released on 11 February 2022 via Freebandz and Epic Records. The former label is a company Future founded in 2011. 

The producers of this track are:

  • Wheezy
  • Taurus
  • Russ Chell
  • Jasper Harris

All of these names are also credited as writers of “Worst Day”, as is Future.

The music video to “Worst Day” features Kevin Samuels. Kevin is a controversial, social-media based lifestyle coach and love guru who concurrently has over a million followers on Instagram.

Worst Day

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