“Sometimes” by H.E.R.

This song by H.E.R. is based on the simple idea that “sometimes” things won’t go the way a person has idealized. Or stated differently, when we set forth to accomplish a specific goal in life, we already have a vision in mind of how the situation should play out. But invariably there are going to be disappointments along the way. And H.E.R., in acknowledging this reality, tries to take it all in stride.  Yes, she does experience some anxiety as a result.  For instance, she “hates” being on a path not knowing definitively ‘where it’s going to take her’. But she is able to cope as part of her plan also involves taking into account the unpredictable or unfavorable variables which are also present.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for H.E.R.'s Sometimes at Lyrics.org.

All in all, H.E.R. is acknowledging that “sometimes” things wouldn’t go the way we have planned them to go regardless of what we do. And we should apparently accept these setbacks as part of life.

Lyrics of "Sometimes"

Facts about “Sometimes”

The producer of this track is an artist called D’Mile (Dernst Emile II).

He also co-wrote “Sometimes” along with Blu June, SoundzFire, Brittany Coney and H.E.R.

RCA Records released this song on 26 January 2020. H.E.R. debuted it during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on 27 January 2020. 

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