“Do To Me” by H.E.R.

“Do To Me” is a love song. The title alludes to the effect the addressee, i.e. the singer’s romantic interest, has on her. Or simply put, she is smitten by him. And the lyrics and metaphors used throughout for the most part all point to that idea.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for H.E.R.'s Do To Me at Lyrics.org.

This track was produced by Swagg R’Celious. And he is also part of the writing team behind “Do to Me” alongside:

  • H.E.R.
  • Nija
  • Gitty Gitelman
  • Keithen Foster
  • Modesty Lycan
  • Ophlin Russell
  • Sam Ashworth
  • Winston D. Riley

RCA Records puts this song out, as a standalone single, on 8 July 2020.

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