“Wrong Places” by H.E.R.

This song is based on the old saying of “looking for love in all the wrong places”.  The singer is very much ready for a serious, lasting romance in which her partner will reciprocate such feelings. However, as stated earlier, she has the tendency to seek out such an individual in less-than-ideal settings. Moreover she sometimes becomes intoxicated and under such circumstances pursues romantic interests based on instant gratification rather than someone who is truly an adequate partner.

Lyrics of "Wrong Places"

So with that premise being set, the addressee would be someone she feels can potentially be the one. And with that in mind, she is entreating him to love her properly. Or we can say she is hoping this individual will indeed prove to be her soulmate. So whereas the word “love” is mentioned more than any other term in the track, “Wrong Places” isn’t a love song per se. Rather it is more a song of hope if you will, as in the singer wishing that she has finally, after much trial and error, found her significant other.

Facts about “Wrong Places”

This is a song which H.E.R. picked up as a celebrity guest on the televised musical competition known as “Songland”. As such the original writer of “Wrong Places” was one of the show’s amateur contestants, Raquel Castro. Then the judges of the show – Shane McAnally, Ryan Tedder and Ester Dean – are also credited as writers. The reason they receive writing credits is because they contributed to the song’s development. 

RCA Records released H.E.R.’s rendition of “Wrong Places” as a standalone single on 27 April 2020.

H.E.R., who appeared on “Songland” specifically looking for a new song to record, expressed her strong liking of “Wrong Places” upon first hearing the tune. And she also gave enough props to Raquel Castro for writing the tune.

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