“Stay” by BTS

We’ve already pointed out in analyzing another track from BTS’s Be album, entitled “Life Goes On“, how the members of the band have been internally affected by the coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, it can be said the group is saddened that they have been physically separated from their fanbase. Indeed said fanbase, which is known as the ARMY, is perhaps the most-loyal in all of the music business. And it has been deduced that such individuals are the ones whom BTS are addressing on this song (“Stay”).

Apparently the title is based on the singers advising their diehard fans to remain strong during these difficult times. The boys totally sympathize with what the ARMY is going through since, as mentioned earlier, BTS themselves are distraught over the situation.  However, they are still doing their best to stay connected to them. Moreover they see the present as being “brighter than ever”. In other words, they feel that this ordeal everyone is going through is not as bad as it may seem. And even though they are not able to directly interact with fans as in days prior, they still have a strong sense of ‘togetherness’ with them. 

So inherently this song emanates the type of positive outlook on life, regardless of external circumstances, which BTS is more or less known for.

The BTS members who performed on this song – Jin, Jungkook and RM – are also its co-writers. And the additional writer would be the track’s producer, a Belarusian artist who goes by the name of Arston.

This song can be found on Be, the second album which BTS had dropped during the year 2020. It was released on 20 November of that year, being a product of Columbia Records and Big Hit Entertainment.

Did BTS release “Stay” as a single?

No. At the time Be was released, the only song the group officially presented as a single from the project was “Life Goes On”.

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