“Born Tired” by Jhené Aiko

“Born Tired” is based on the singer expressing weariness in her life’s journey. Or another way of looking at it is that she has dealt with her fair share of depressing events throughout her life. And she understands that the addressee, i.e. the listener, probably feels the same way she does.  So on one level, we can say that the purpose of this track is for Jhené to show that she empathizes with what others are going through. But more so she wishes to inculcate the addressee with a feeling of optimism. That is to say that despite numerous setbacks, they should keep pressing forward. 

Indeed Aiko herself is using her failures, so to speak, as an impetus to go at life even harder. She is in fact “tired” but also “fired up”. 

So at the end of the day, we can say that “Born Tired” reads like an inspirational piece. It is in fact, as the title suggests, premised on the singer’s perpetual depression. But she is determined not to let the hardships of life weaken the vigor of her spirit.

Writing and Production

This track was produced by The Fisticuffs (Brian Warfield and Mac Robinson), who also co-wrote “Born Tired” along with Jhené Aiko.

Release Date of “Born Tired”

This song is featured on Jhené Aiko’s third-solo album, which she entitled “Chilombo”. And the track was released by Def Jam Records on the date of 6 March 2020.

Was this a single?

No. Her “Chilombo” album was supported by 4 singles, including “None of Your Concern“.

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  1. Ciara.Garcia says:

    yesss jhene Aiko killed this song and i like singing it and lisenting to it i love her so much and i prey one day i get t meet her and make music with her all love.

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