“Tryna Smoke” by Jhené Aiko

Without a shred of doubt, “Tryna Smoke” is Jhené Aiko’s ode to weed. The word tryna is actually a colloquial contraction. So using conventional English, the title of this track would actually read as “trying to smoke”. But again going back to the informal implication of “tryna”, the idea that the titular term ultimately points to is that Jhené is actively looking for a “blunt” (i.e. a cigarillo filled with grass) to “spark up” (i.e. smoke). 

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And as detailed in the lyrics, what has obviously gotten her to this point is certain stressors in her life. Or stated bluntly, the singer uses grass as a form of stress relief. Moreover it puts her on a different mental and apparently even spiritual plane where the complexities which define her life are able to be perceived more simplistically. 

So all things considered, we can say that weed plays an invaluable role in the singer’s life. She doesn’t come off as an addict or even really a regular smoker for that matter. But she does let it be known that when she feels overwhelmed, she perceives smoking weed as a viable means of alleviating the pressure.

Did Jhené Aiko write this song?

Jhené Aiko wrote “Tryna Smoke” along with the track’s producer, Micah Powell.

Release Date

This song came out on the 6th of March 2020. It is part of Aiko’s 2020 critically acclaimed album “Chilombo”. And the label behind the tune is Def Jam Records.

Was “Tryna Smoke” a single?

No. There were only four songs that came out as the official singles of “Chilombo”. They are as follows:

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