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Khalid & Disclosure

Khalid & Disclosure – Know Your Worth

The addressee of “Know Your Worth” comes off as if it is a female who is in a toxic relationship. The implication is that her partner abuses her in some way, shape or form. And her...

Up All Night

“Up All Night” by Khalid

Khalid’s “Up All Night” is centered on the concept of the singer going through a phase in his life where he is inquisitive about the world around him. He has come to the realization that...

Hurts 2B Human

Meaning of “Hurts 2B Human” by P!nk (ft. Khalid)

As the title implies, this song is premised on the emotional vulnerabilities that are part and parcel of being “human”. And the two narrators (Pink and Khalid) take on two different roles in this track. Pink’s character has...