“Bluffin'” by Khalid

This song finds Khalid in a relationship that has already experienced  a breakup in the past yet the two lovers are still romantically engaged. Despite this apparent blessing, things are not as peachy as they seem. For in the midst of these comprises, Khalid questions if the romance is truly on and popping or if homegirl  is basically just using him. And this is not to insinuate taking advantage of him in a material sense but rather appearing to be committed to the relationship when in actuality she is not. By virtue of this, Khalid basically finds himself wondering if she is truly in for the long haul or if she is just “bluffin’”, as in deceiving him.

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This concern is not without its foundation. For even though it is never specified what led to their breaking up in the first place, it seems that ‘lies’ and “fake love” have been a regular part of their association. Moreover, Khalid does not seem to have an overly-favorable view of homegirl. For example, he negatively criticizes her ego. However, all of this does not negate the fact that the romance was enjoyable for both parties.

Lyrics of Bluffin'

So as things stand now, Khalid wonders if their relationship is reconcilable. Are their current interactions a fleeting result of the fact that they miss one another? Or are they really and truly down for each other?

To put it another way, he wonders if the ex he is still involved with is truly interested in reestablishing a potentially long-term relationship with him. Or is she just playing the role as if she is?

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