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“Unholy” by Sam Smith (ft. Kim Petras)

As of this writing “Unholy” has not been officially released, so what we’re currently analyzing is apparently a snippet that Sam Smith made available via Twitter. So far there’s a pre-chorus and chorus, both rendered by...

You're So Cool

“You’re So Cool” by Tate McRae

“You’re So Cool” is yet another song which, in her own words, Tate McRae has stated is speaking to a certain type of general-relationship situation, but as presented in the lyrics, it is put...

Twin Flame

“Twin Flame” by Machine Gun Kelly

As time progresses, most celebrity romances which prove to be tabloid-media fodder tend to disintegrate. Such speculations were very much feasible when Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox began dating in 2020, considering for instance...