“Love Again” by The Kid LAROI

What’s being implied here is that the vocalist’s romantic relationship with the addressee is one which is regularly tumultuous, due to the former’s own actions or “pride”, as he puts it. But this time around Laroi has apparently taken things too far, to the point that now he’s afraid that his shawty may have dumped him for good. And that brings us to the key theme of the song, whereas he is imploring her, most simply put, to give him another chance.

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Lyrics to The Kid LAROI's "Love Again"

Release Date of “Love Again”

This track was released through Columbia Records on 27 January 2023 as part of “The First Time”, which is officially The Kid Laroi’s debut studio album. 


The Australian hip-hop artist, who is only 19 years old as of this dropping has formally been in the game since 2018, wrote this song with Billy Walsh and its producers, Omer Fedi and Cirkut. 

Adrian Villagomez directed the track’s music video.

“Wild Dreams”

“Love Again” is also part of an initiative known as “Wild Dreams”, where The Kid Laroi has collaborated with the ever-popular Fortnite videogame franchise. This effort has resulted in a three-month long in-game experience where interested players will be treated to a number of new Kid Laroi songs, and the initiative also includes other treats, such as The Kid performing an in-game concert.

Fans of The Kid Laroi have been aware of the existence of this song since 2022. The singer teased it during summer of that year, and it leaked later down the line, on Christmas Day. Also, Laroi reportedly performed it as part of his End of the World Tour, which itself commenced in 2022.

Love Again

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