“Twin Flame” by Machine Gun Kelly

As time progresses, most celebrity romances which prove to be tabloid-media fodder tend to disintegrate. Such speculations were very much feasible when Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox began dating in 2020, considering for instance that at the time Fox was officially married, with children. But now, over two years later, it appears that the love between the musician and actress is in fact real – or at least real enough where marriage rumors began circulating online. 

All things considered, “Twin Flame” has been interpreted as a love song from MGK to Megan.

For instance, the title is actually a term Megan Fox coined when describing the bond between her and Machine Gun. 

With that knowledge in tow, he makes it abundantly clear from the first verse that she is in fact the intended addressee. So MGK proceeds to drop some tender musings, such as being so enamored by Fox that he is content with just ‘staring at her’ as opposed to actually laying a hand on Megan.

A Dark Turn?

MGK is by and large known for his dark artistry. So before the song concludes, he appears to venture into a darkish territory by relaying a sense of pessimism in terms of the future of this relationship, despite clearly being in love. The track actually concludes with him apparently opting to “set” the addressee “free” as opposed to making an attempt to lock her down.

As implied by the chorus, the reason he’s thinking like this is because he has already concluded that the addressee is “too good for (him)”. But in reality, if Megan is indeed the person he is singing to, as confirmed earlier, there is no indication that the two of them are actually breaking up or anything like that. So we can take that sentiment as another, indirect way of MGK biggin’ her up as a true blessing in his life.

Lyrics to "Twin Flame"

When was “Twin Flame” released?

This track is from “Mainstream Sellout”, the album which MGK put out via Bad Boy and Interscope on 25 March 2022. As of the album’s date of release, it was backed by the following single releases:


Besides for Machine Gun Kelly, other artists who are credited as both writers and producers of “Twin Flame” are Travis Barker, Omer Fedi and Dark Waves. Moreover BazeXX and SlimXX, two of MGK’s behind-the-scenes’ men since 2017, had a hand in writing this song.

Travis, who has been in the game since the 1990s as a member of a rock band called Blink-182, also plays the drums on “Twin Flame”.

The Heartbeat Sound on “Twin Flame”

There is the sound of a heartbeat present on this track. Interesting to note is that some fans of MGK and Megan quickly interpreted that effect as possibly alluding to Megan being pregnant.

Twin Flame

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