“I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine” by XXXTentacion 

There seems to be a lot of debate these days as to whether or not certain musicians sold their souls in the name of attaining their monumental success. But the funny thing about it is that a lot of times, if you really listen to their lyrics, some of these selfsame artists would poetically verify that yes, they have in fact done so. Or at least that’s what XXXTentacion is doing in “I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine”.

You would notice that the title of this song actually consists of two complete sentences, which is quite unusual. But in doing so, X does give a pretty comprehensive overview of what goes down in this narrative. For what we’re basically dealing with, once again, is the story of a man selling his soul to the devil.

As depicted, the vocalist is a chronic sufferer of depression. Whether or not he was in this state before ‘speaking to a Baphomet’ is not made clear, though the implication is that he was.

But in any event, somewhere along the line he was offered the aforementioned contract, so to speak. And the implication is that he knew the risks of accepting such a deal beforehand. But he proceeds to do so anyway, as he wants “all” the Baphomet “can offer”, and said entity also promises to ‘save him’ in return. And again, this piece is quite terse, so it’s never specified what he promised to save X from. But all lyrics considered, it would probably be from the aforenoted depression that he’s going through.

The Transformation

The outro reveals that upon taking the deal, the vocalist does go through a transformation, visibly becoming more like the Baphomet himself. And the entity is satisfied, telling X that as a result, soon all of his dreams will be realized. But as for the Baphomet, he already got ‘what he craves’, which is in fact the vocalist’s soul.


Ultimately, this is a tale that has been told numerous times before via various mediums – one of the oldest stories in the book, so to speak. The singer has traded his most-important asset, his very soul, in the name of worldly success and happiness. 

All things considered, ‘the Baphomet’ likely never stepped to XXXTentacion directly. But the young artist was still learned enough to understand that certain decisions he made in life, presumably including with his artistry, were questionable from a spiritual/moral standpoint but were also such that they would promptly help him achieve the aforementioned goals.

"I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine" Lyrics

Release Date of “I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine”

This track has been included on 2022’s “Look at Me: The Album”. This album is not another posthumous XXXTentacion studio album but rather the late rapper’s first compilation project. To note, Hulu also came out with a Look at Me documentary which the album accompanies.

As such, fans of X are already familiar with this track. The song actually came out during his lifetime, back on 17 April 2016, via SoundCloud. Whereas the song doesn’t appear to have a chart history to speak of, obviously it is one of X’s most significant songs. For example, this is one of the pieces that contributed to the rapper transitioning from an underground, social-media based artist to a mainstream signee. 

For instance, the song’s unofficial video on YouTube has over 40 million views as of June, 2022. This is more than even some of the most-popular musicians tend to garner for their tracks.

Credits for “I Spoke to the Devil in Miami”

XXXTentacion wrote and produced this track. He accomplished this task with Alasen and JakesAlive.

I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine

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