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Mars by Yungblud

Yungblud’s “Mars” Lyrics Meaning

Yungblud’s “Mars” is reportedly about a transgender young woman, i.e. a woman who at birth was assigned the male gender. Owing to this, she acts and dresses accordingly. Of course such behavior is sadly derided...

Strawberry Lipstick

“Strawberry Lipstick” by YUNGBLUD

The intro of YUNGBLUD’s “Strawberry Lipstick” sums up the meaning of the whole song. In the intro, the singer refers to the song as one written “about a person” he “loves”. It therefore goes...


“Weird!” by Yungblud

What the title of this song actually refers to is a “weird time of life” that the singer is going through. And whereas Yungblud intentionally released this track during the 2020 pandemic, apparently “Weird!”...