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Sometimes, drinkers resort to booze in the name of forgetting life’s problems. But you know how some people say that you can’t actually drink pressing issues away? That’s the concept Morgan Wallen’s “You Proof” is based on, in a roundabout way.

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Or more specifically what the singer is trying to forget, if you will, is his ex. In the world of mainstream music, that’s another way of saying that he’s heartbroken. Morgan has in fact been ingesting some strong varieties, of the “90 to 100” proof classification, in the name of achieving said goal. And to put that into context, your average strong booze, like vodka or whiskey, is 80 proof, basically meaning that it’s 40 percent alcohol. So 90 to 100 proof would be 45-50% alcohol, which is a whole stronger than it may sound on paper.

But that being noted, the thesis sentiment of the song is that such efforts are proving to no avail. It doesn’t matter “what time or town” the vocalist is in, as there’s nothing he can take to make him forget about his former sweetheart.

Well, perhaps we can rather say that the thesis sentiment is that he would very much like to put his relationship with her behind him. But alas, as meant by the title, there is no “proof” actually available which can have that effect.

Lyrics to Morgan Wallen's "You Proof"

When was “You Proof” released?

The official release date of this track, 13 May 2022, also happens to be Morgan Wallen’s 29th birthday

As of the writing of this post, “You Proof”, which was put out by Republic Records and Big Loud, has managed to chart in New Zealand.

Fans of Morgan Wallen have known about this song for some time, as the singer initially teased it during July of 2021.

Morgan Wallen

Thus far Morgan Wallen has been having a pretty-good 2022 as a track he dropped in March, “Wasted on You“, has already been certified double-platinum by the RIAA. As with that song, the other two singles he’s dropped thus far this year, “Don’t think Jesus” and “Thought You Should Know“, have also topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list.

Who wrote “You Proof”?

This track was co-written and co-produced by Charlie Handsome, a behind-the-scenes’ man who works primarily with hip-hop artists. On the production side, he was assisted by Joey Moi.

The other co-writers of “You Proof” are Morgan Wallen, Ernest, Ashley Gorley and Keith Smith.

Just for the record, as reported the strongest booze one can legally buy in the United States, i.e. Morgan Wallen’s homeland, is 192 proof, meaning that the drink it is a whopping 95% alcohol.

You Proof

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