“Talking in Your Sleep” by The Romantics

The phrase “talking in your sleep” is sort of a double entendre of a term. On one hand it points to literal act of somniloquy, i.e. an individual speaking while asleep, which all of us tend to do while dreaming sometimes. But on the other, it’s like the subconscious mind is more honest than the conscious. Therefore we are more inclined to utter the truth, in a manner of speaking, while sleeping.

Furthermore, as an adult, the person who is most likely to hear you talking in your sleep would be a lover, i.e. the individual who slumbers next to you. And when you combine all of those factors, that’s the scenario we are dealing with in this song. The vocalist has become privy to the addressee’s “secrets”, as she is ‘talking in her sleep’.

And to his pleasant surprise what she is doing, while slumbering, is expressing her love for him. Of course such affection is probably something she has already relayed to the vocalist while actually being awake. But now that she is doing so while sleeping, based on the logic noted above, it’s like now he really knows she loves him.

"Talking in Your Sleep" Lyrics

Facts about “Talking in Your Sleep”

The Romantics are a rock band from Detroit who, technically speaking, are still professionally active as of the publishing of this post. But their heyday dates back to the dropping of “Talking in Your Sleep”, which Nemperor Records officially released on 1 September 1983.

This track is part of the crew’s fourth studio album, 1983’s “In Heat”. And with the tune charting in about 11 nations and topping Billboard’s Disco Top 80 list (which is currently called the Dance Club Songs chart), “Talking in Your Sleep” can also be classified as The Romantics’, who are akin to a one-hit wonder musical act, signature song.

The lead vocalist of The Romantics during the “In Heat” days, Jimmy Marinos, has stated that this was the last song they put together for said album. And besides Marinos, at the time the band also consisted of the following:

  • Peter Solley (keyboardist)
  • Coz Canler (guitarist)
  • Wally Palmar (guitarist)
  • Mike Skill (bassist)

And to note, Wally Palmar and Mike Skill are still down with The Romantics as of the writing of this post.

In 2016, The Weeknd dropped a track entitled “Secrets” that interpolated “Talking in Your Sleep”.

The aforementioned quintet that made up The Romantics when this song came out are individually credited as its writers. And Peter Solley, who is actually a Briton, also produced the track.

In 1984 this song was covered by a British act known as Bucks Fizz and that time around, unlike The Romantics’ original, actually appeared on the UK Singles Chart.

Talking in Your Sleep

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