“That’s Just the Way We Roll” by Jonas Brothers

As the title implies, the Jonas Brothers seem to put across to their audience how they usually live and behave. They are confident in who they are and fully embrace their loud, crazy and wild tendencies, but mostly appreciate the fact that they are honest about it.

The song also talks about the fact that their dreams and optimistic approach to life shaped them into who they are. Most importantly, they are not afraid to be their crazy, wild and free selves as their focus is not on what people think of them. The singers reference fellow boy band Hanson in the second verse of the song because at the time, they were mostly being compared to them.

In a track for track with J-14, the brothers shared that the song is a fun song that simply allowed them to go crazy and express themselves. Nick Jonas disclosed that the song is their life theme, as it mainly speaks about having a good time and hanging out with friends. Kevin, on the other hand, noted that the song was a very outgoing, summertime crazy tune with some weird lyrics.

In summation….

“That’s Just the Way We Roll” details the Brothers’ lifestyle of having the time of their lives as they pursue their dreams.

Did the Jonas Brothers write “That’s Just the Way We Roll”?

Yes, they did. They wrote it in collaboration with another writer by the name of W.J. McAuley III.

Album and Release

This is the fourth track on the Brothers self-titled studio album of 2007. Both the song and its whole project came out through Hollywood Records in August of 2007.

Who Produced this?

John Fields is the answer. Aside working with the Jonas Brothers, Fields is also famous for producing the works of other prominent artists. Some of them include Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Pink.

Actually he handled the entire production of the album on which this song is featured.

Was “That’s Just the Way We Roll” released as a single?

No. The “Jonas Brothers” album (which was the group’s second studio project) produced the following songs as its certified singles:

  • “When You Look Me in the Eyes”
  •  “S.O.S
  • “Hold On”
  • “Year 3000”

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